What to Expect

Addiction treatment at CeDAR - Licensed UCHealth Staff, Comprehensive Assessment, Responsive Treatment Planning, Evidence-Based Therapies, Continuing Care

CeDAR’s residential and outpatient treatment programs have key elements that best serve those seeking long-term recovery.  We are committed to helping people improve their lives in all dimensions. This starts with qualified staff and continues with evidence-based therapies.

Throughout treatment at CeDAR we continually evaluate each person, responding to individual needs. We are a uniquely qualified UCHealth facility with specialized clinical capabilities for working with addiction-related medical conditions, co-occurring mental health, and previous trauma.

Treating addiction as a chronic condition requires a continuum of care with many levels. Clinical intervention is just one part of our process. Recovery requires teamwork and communication. This connection continues well past residential treatment into outpatient and continuing care.

We seek to improve lives.

Contact us or call 720.848.3000 to speak with someone at CeDAR