Fighting Boredom

Fighting Boredom in Addiction Recovery

Boredom is widely known as one of the most common reasons for relapse. The truth is, not engaging in activities you find fun is a serious threat to your recovery from addiction.

Unfortunately, you will experience boredom from time to time in recovery. The question is, what are you going to do when it happens? Boredom has proved a sufficient excuse to throw it all away for countless individuals over time. However, engaging in activities and having fun in recovery can brighten every other aspect of your life.

Many people are naturally inclined to deal with boredom through unhealthy behaviors such as watching countless hours of television, playing video games, or overeating. These are not the activities we should use to combat our boredom.

Instead, choose activities that require active engagement by you mentally, physically, and/or spiritually, and that provide you with a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. Is it really an accomplishment when someone has “completed” watching six straight hours of television?

If you need help thinking of activities check out the links below for ideas:

Using the list above (or coming up with your own), write the activities that you might be interested in that you hadn't considered before.

Check out the article Social Activities.

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