Growth vs. Fixed Mindsets

Addiction Recovery - Growth vs. Fixed Mindsets

There are over seven billion people on planet Earth, and current research by Stanford professor Carol Dweck suggests that they all fit into one of two groups: those with a fixed mindset and those with a growth mindset.

What do these terms mean, and which group are you in? Here's a short breakdown of each:

Fixed mindset

  • People with a fixed mindset generally believe that their intelligence and abilities are static. They will not change over time.

Growth mindset

  • Those with a growth mindset believe that intelligence and abilities can be continuously developed over time.

Authentic Learning

Dr. Dweck and her research team have found that differences in mindsets cause people to react differently in certain situations.

For example, people with a fixed mindset have a strong desire to look smart.

While this might not sound like such a bad thing at first, it can cause them to avoid challenges and give up easily when obstacles arise. They may see their efforts as meaningless or feel threatened by the success of others. Finally, they tend to ignore feedback unless it's positive.

On the other hand, people with a growth mindset have a strong desire to learn.

This changes their behavior radically. Instead of seeking to avoid challenges, they embrace them and they persist in the face of setbacks. They see their effort as a necessary path to mastery, and they find inspiration in the success of others.

This allows people to appreciate constructive criticism and they grow from it, which helps them achieve more throughout their lives. It also gives them a greater sense of free will than those with a more deterministic, fixed view.

Growth Mindset for Addiction Recovery

The truth is, we all have moments where we act in a way that exhibits a fixed mindset, and others where we display a more growth-focused approach. The key is maximizing the percentage of our lives that we operate with a growth mindset. So, the question is: Which mindset do you see in yourself most often? Share your thoughts with your Recovery Coach.

Which mindset do you display most often? How does that impact your recovery?

If you're interested in learning more about this subject, check out the TEDTalk video below to hear this topic from the foremost expert on the subject.

The power of believing that you can improve
TEDTalk by Carol Dweck

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