Learning Articles

Below are links to CeDAR learning articles and helpful exercises to help you in your recovery:

Activities and Hobbies

A Humanist Alternative to the 12 Steps


Alternative Recovery Programs

Alternative Sponsorship and Mentorship

Being of Service

Building a Budget

Changing Your Sponsor

Choosing Your Sponsor

Clean House

Confidentiality in the Workplace

Continuing Care

Coping Skills: Calling Someone for Help

Coping Skills: Cognitive Strategies

Coping Skills: DBT

Coping Skills: Exercise and Nutrition

Coping Skills: Mindfulness

Coping Skills: Resourcing

Coping Skills: Social Connections

Coping Skills: Stress

Culture of Addiction vs. Culture of Recovery

Daily Gratitude List

Daily Spiritual Practices

Debt Relief

Educational Resources for Recovery

Employment Resources

Everyday Creativity

Exercise 101

Exercise Resources

Family: Al-Anon Meetings

Felony-Friendly Job Assistance

Fighting Boredom

Four Financial Myths

Four Nutrition Tips to Get Started

Financial Planning

Get Moving

Growth vs. Fixed Mindset

Guide to Managing Chronic Pain

Hanging Around the Barbershop

Having Fun in Recovery

Healthy Relationships

Healthy Relationships: Acceptance

Healthy Relationships: Patience

Helping Someone Find a Sponsor

H.O.W. Communication: Honesty

H.O.W. Communication: Open-Mindedness

H.O.W. Communication: Willingness

How to Act at a Meeting

Introduction to Nutrition

Know Your Rights

Legal Accountability

Legal Challenges in Recovery

Letter to Me

Lifelong Learning

Medical Care and Your Recovery

90 in 90

Nutrition Action Plan

Nutrition Assessment

Planning My Weekly 12-Step Meetings

Qualities of a Sponsor

Rebuilding Trust

Rebuilding Trust at Work

Recovery Bookshelf

Recovery Change Skills - Assessment

Recovery Cornerstones

Recovery Meetings

Resentment and Healing

Safe Relationships at Home

Safety in Community and Social Life


Sober Campuses

Six Myths of Sponsorship

Sober Living

Social Activities

Spiritual Goal Setting

Spiritual Make-Believe

Stages of Change

Strengths Reflection

Stress Assessment

Temporary Sponsorship

The 12 Steps of AA

The 12 Steps of NA

The S.A.M. Guide to Goal Setting

3 Tips for Recovering in a Digital World

Weekly Recovery Activities - Assessment