Social Activities

Social Activities in Addiction Recovery

While you shouldn’t let anything stand in the way of having fun and getting engaged in activities, it can often help to involve others (friends, family, etc.) in the process.

The difference can be enormous when one does this. Social and interpersonal interaction is the difference between playing the guitar and playing the guitar in a band, or between reading a book and joining a book club. You should try and engage others in the activities you find fun whenever possible.

Another reason to involve others in whatever activities you find fun is that this can add a layer of accountability which can make a huge difference when it comes time to actually engage in those activities. If you’ve planned a specific time and place to build a model train with your son, instead of all by yourself and at whatever time “feels” right, there is some external accountability there pushing you towards engaging in that activity.

Practice planning ahead and making your plans specific, attainable, and measurable. It will do wonders in encouraging your engagement.

Your To Do List

  • Make plans to do something fun with someone in your peer group.
  • Use the S.A.M. goal setting strategy - Specific, Attainable, and Measurable.

Check out the article The S.A.M. Guide to Goal Setting.

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