Ways to Give

CeDAR is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We utilize donations to fund CeDAR scholarship programs and to help fund development of new programs.

We offer evidence-based addiction treatment services to encourage long-term sobriety for our patients. CeDAR's integration with the University of Colorado Hospital gives us the opportunity to develop innovative strategies that bolster our traditional treatment modalities.

Addiction is a chronic disorder that touches the lives of, literally, millions of Americans. Managing this disease and co-occurring mental health issues requires engagement along a continuum that can last for years.

Nobody can to it alone, and we need your help. Your donation will ensure we can continue to provide treatment for as many people as possible, and for as long as possible throughout their recovery journey.

You Can Donate Now 

Visit our donation programs page for other opportunities

Outright Gifts and Pledges

Your gift of cash makes the most immediate impact and allows you to receive full tax benefits to the extent allowed by law. We encourage you to also consider a multi-year pledge to maximize the power of your gift. Most pledges are for a three to five-year term. 

Gift of Securities 

Making a gift of appreciated securities can sometimes provide larger tax benefits. By donating appreciated securities, you may claim the current market value of the shares as the gift amount and thereby avoid capital gains taxes.

Matching Gifts 

Many employers match their employees’ charitable giving. If your employer does, please ask your HR department for the appropriate forms and we’ll help you increase the impact of your contribution.

Foundation Gifts 

CeDAR welcomes grant awards from personal, private, and public foundations.

Shared Gifts 

Shared gifts allow donors to pool their resources and make larger gifts than they might make individually. Typically given in exchange for naming rights, Shared Gifts provide prominent recognition to the donors.

Corporate Sponsorships

Corporations wishing to demonstrate their commitment to the wellbeing of the community in which their employees live and work are encouraged to consider corporate sponsorships. Sponsorships can provide visibility and corporate philanthropy benefits. Please ask for more details.

Challenge Gifts 

Donors wishing to increase the impact of their individual gifts should consider making a Challenge Gift. Challenge Gifts require a matching component from other donors, thereby generating two or three times the amount of the original gift. These types of gifts provide visibility to the original donor and allow matching donors to help generate increased support.

Deferred Gifts 

CeDAR has a bequest and deferred gift program. Donors interested in the option should consult with their attorneys and financial advisors.

Event Sponsorship

Participate or attend our events that promote and support recovery.

The Best Day

Visit The Best Day Vision and the Opportunity page.

All gifts to CeDAR are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law