Multi-Dimensional Assessment

Evaluating mental health, physical wellness, medical history, previous trauma

Planning for the Whole Person

In recognizing our patients' individual concerns, CeDAR offers a Multi-Dimensional Assessment approach to addiction treatment. As part of the University of Colorado Hospital, we evaluate multiple dimensions of each person's condition including mental health, physical wellness, medical history, previous trauma and much more.

We begin to get a full understanding of what each individual is facing coming into treatment.

Getting to Know the Individual

CeDAR's specialized addiction treatment providers include psychiatrists, physicians, psychologists, case managers, counselors, chaplains, admission specialist, and behavioral health workers. We meet with the individual and employ current evidence-based assessments to discern the needs of the person, overall health, and recommended interventions.

Respecting Limitations

CeDAR recognizes the limitations of an assessment during early recovery (i.e., detoxification and PAWS), and we acknowledge the challenges within this process. Assessments administered during this stage of recovery can offer helpful information regarding patterns of behavior, reasons for use, or potential obstacles for relapse. The process establishes a baseline of functioning or a “snapshot” of the person. Information gathered through these assessments provides valuable insight regarding personality characteristics and interpersonal dynamics.

A Collaborative Team

Our multi-dimensional assessments offer important data to provide a foundation for collaboration between our treatment team and the patient. Together we can develop a customized care plan. Assessments are not just a one-time event and continue throughout treatment to provide evidence-based strategies for long-term recovery.

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