About Us

CeDAR Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Denver Colorado - About Us

Who we are

CeDAR – Center for Dependency, Addiction and Rehabilitation is Colorado’s first-class treatment center for addiction. Our innovative, evidence-based programs provide a meaningful foundation for long-term recovery. We are a premier UCHealth facility offering safety and confidentiality to those we serve. CeDAR is where many people have started a life free from the pain of addiction.

Who we serve

We deliver the highest level of comprehensive care for people 18 years and older who struggle with drug and alcohol use. As part of the University of Colorado Hospital, CeDAR is able to help people who suffer co-occurring medical and psychiatric conditions common to addiction. Our licensed and credentialed UCHealth clinicians help people find wellness in all dimensions of their lives.

What we do

Cedar provides the opportunity to begin a new life in recovery. Our residential and outpatient treatment programs include medically-managed detox, fitness and nutrition, medication-assisted treatment, spiritual care, coping skills development, group and individual therapy sessions, 12-step and other mutual aid groups, family services, and long-term follow-up.

More than just treating addiction, we improve lives

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