Patient Success Stories

Finding oneself in a dark and unhealthy place is common for someone struggling with addiction. Some people get back to a better place on their own, but most can benefit from professional treatment.

CeDAR has helped many patients and their families with our skilled and compassionate addiction recovery team and is proud to share the thoughts of these inspiring people who are living a rich and rewarding life.



Looking forward to every new day

"From my first day at CeDAR, I realized there was a very caring and loving atmosphere there that could provide me with the opportunity to live without my addiction to alcohol and other drugs. Since leaving CeDAR, I participate in weekly alumni support and 12-Step meetings that help me look forward to every new day in recovery with excitement and anticipation."

Greg F.

Helping families understand disease, recovery

"CeDAR continues to be a valuable lifeline in helping our family understand the disease of alcoholism and the importance of recovery. Applying tools learned there has made a tremendous difference in our lives. I'm so thankful that we're part of the CeDAR family - it is life-changing and a very special place."

Carla A.

A highly skilled medical and counseling staff

"I arrived at CeDAR physically and spiritually depleted, close to death. The beginning of my stay was crucial for me and with the help and care of a highly skilled medical and counseling staff, I was able to comfortably begin a life-long process of healing."

Wanda S.

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