Admissions Process

Ambassadors for Recovery

When our admissions staff receives that first phone call from a patient, family member or referent we know that someone needs help and we are ready to guide each call through the admission process with care.


The first step to CeDAR Admissions is an over-the-phone intake. This usually takes about twenty minutes. During intake, it is suggested that any insurance information is relayed to us so that we can begin the process of verifying benefits.

After the essential information about the patient has been collected our medical staff and/or clinical staff will review everything and make a recommendation. CeDAR may request more information to determine if we are appropriate for the patient.

Once the patient has been approved the admission date and time will be scheduled. Each patient has different needs and schedules, so be assured the CeDAR Admissions Team will be working to make the process as easy as possible.

Click here for a list of what to pack and what not to pack for residential treatment at CeDAR.


When the patient walks through CeDAR's doors they will be guided through the admissions paperwork by one of our Admissions Representatives. This takes approximately forty-five minutes.

Loved ones are encouraged to take a tour of the campus during this time and share their questions with our staff.


There will be time to say goodbye and ask any questions that remain. At this point, the admitted patient will be escorted to the Assessment Detox Unit.

In order for staff to help a patient become focused on treatment and increase positive outcomes, we have therapeutic limits on outside contact. Below is a quick summary of our rules established for the patient and their family:

  • A Release of Information Form for each visitor or caller must be completed by the patient to allow CeDAR to communicate with them
  • No contact with the patient and loved ones for the first 5 nights
  • Visiting hours are Sunday from 1 pm – 4 pm - only three visitors at a time, please

All of our rules will be further explained over the phone or at the time of admission. We know admitting into a program can make anyone feel uneasy, so please contact us and let us help ease any troubled feelings or answer any questions regarding our guidelines or process.

Contact us or call 720.848.3000 to speak with someone at CeDAR