Packing List

Residential treatment packing list

What to Pack

  1. Seven days of comfortable clothing separated into two bags:
    • a. Small bag with three (3) day supply of clothing, basic hygiene products – items will be transferred to CeDAR approved bag during admission
    • b. Large bag with remainder of clothing (no access to for first three days)
  2. Toiletries/Hygiene/Cosmetics:
    • a. Toiletries must be new, unopened and not contain alcohol in any of the ingredients.
    • b. Cosmetics must be new, unopened and not contain alcohol in any of the ingredients
    • c. Electric shaver (razors are not permitted unless checked out through cottage staff)
    • d. Feminine hygiene products, if necessary
    • e. Body wash (bar soap is not permitted)
  3. A list of all prescription medication including dosages
  4. Travel-sized detergent (sealed) or detergent pods
  5. Medical Supplies: oxygen, diabetic medications
  6. ID and insurance card
  7. Personal pillow/blanket (optional)
  8. Small alarm clock with no radio (optional)
  9. Family photos without frame (optional)
  10. Recovery, faith, spiritual, or self-help based reading materials only (optional)

What Not to Pack

  1. No attire with slogans that may be offensive or inappropriate while in a treatment facility
  2. No low cut, see-through clothing
  3. No tank tops
  4. No excessively tight or loose clothing
  5. No razors (razors will be available to check out through cottage staff, if necessary)
  6. No hair products that have cords, to include hair dryer, flat iron, curling iron etc.
  7. No tobacco products:
    • a. This includes vape pens, e-cigarettes, chewing tobacco and lighters
    • b. Please note: CeDAR is tobacco-free. Nicotine replacement therapy is provided.
  8. No bar soap/perfume/cologne/hair-coloring products/nail polish/nail polish remover
  9. No outside food or drink, including candy and gum
  10. No drugs, over-the-counter medications, or narcotic prescriptions
    • a. Please note: if brought to CeDAR, they will be destroyed. Exceptions are non-narcotic prescription medications not on University of Colorado Hospital formulary.
  11. No personal electronic devices. This includes cell phones, laptops, kindles, i-pod/pads, mp3 players, audio/video recording devices
  12. No outside reading material aside from what is allowed as described above.
  13. No pets allowed, per University of Colorado Hospital policy

Communication and Visiting Day Rules

In order for staff to help a patient become focused on treatment and increase positive outcomes, we have therapeutic limits on outside contact. Below is a summary of our rules established for each patient and their family.

  1. “No Contact” Rule: Patients are not allowed to receive visitors, make phone calls or have internet access for the first five days. This time is crucial in assisting patients with completing their detox protocol and with becoming connected to their treatment environment.
  2. Phone Calls: After the first five days, patients will still have limited outside contact. With staff approval, patients may make phone calls in the evening time, generally after 6pm. If it is determined by staff that the phone call could have a negative impact on the individual’s treatment, that call will be not be allowed.
  3. Internet Access: After the first five days, internet access is permitted on a limited basis. No social networking is allowed. No online shopping is permitted.
  4. Visiting Hours: For patients who have completed 5 days of treatment, visiting hours are 1-4 pm on Sunday. Patients must submit their visitor request forms to their counselor by 4:30 on the Thursday preceding their visit. The counselor will consult with the treatment team and approve/disapprove the visitor by noon on Friday.
  5. Visitor Rules: Only authorized visitors are permitted. There is a limit of three visitors at a time with a total of six visitors per visiting day allowed. Visitors must enter and leave through the south lobby doors in the admissions building. To ensure respect for other patients’ privacy, visitors must sign a confidentiality form on their first visit. No cell phones, cameras, or other audio/video recording devices, or outside food/drink is allowed. New supplies and clothing for patients must be cleared by the patient’s counselor prior to the patient obtaining it. There is a no smoking policy for visitors on the CeDAR campus.
  6. Release of information: Information regarding a patient’s care will not be disclosed to anyone unless a release of information form is signed and on file. Once signed, a patient has the right to revoke a release of information form at any time.

Contact us or call 720.848.3000 to speak with someone at CeDAR