What to Pack

Packing List

Bring to CeDAR

  • One suit case and one small personal bag
  • 7 days of clothing, shower shoes
  • Work-out clothing:  Shorts must be three inches above the knee, Capri pants, tops must have sleeves and cover the midriff, flip-flops, and slippers
  • Tennis shoes
  • Electric or disposable razors
  • Hair dryer/curling iron/small travel alarm clock without a radio (optional)
  • Special pillow or blanket (optional)
  • Phone card for calls outside 303 or 720 calling areas
  • A list of all over the counter and prescription medications - please include the dosage and doctor’s instructions

All items below must be new, unopened and seals unbroken

  • Tooth brush/tooth paste mouthwash- alcohol free
  • Hygiene products/cosmetics –no aerosol containers
  • Shampoo, conditioner, body wash (liquid or gel only) alcohol free

Do Not Bring to CeDAR

  • No attire with slogans that may be offensive or inappropriate for treatment
  • No low cut, sheer/ tank tops /excessively tight or loose clothing
  • No tobacco products. Cedar is tobacco-free. Nicotine replacement therapy/products provided
  • No bar soap/perfume/cologne/hairspray/hair coloring products nail polish/remover
  • No food/candy/gum
  • No weapons
  • No drugs/over-counter medicine/prescription medications, if brought to CeDAR they will be destroyed. Exceptions are prescription medications not on University of Colorado Hospital formulary
  • No cameras/cell phones/pagers/computers/iPods/Kindles/iPads/tablets
  • No CD’s/ audio/video recording devices
  • No outside reading material
  • No pets allowed per University of Colorado Hospital policy