We offer a wide variety of premium residential addiction treatment and outpatient recovery programs at the most affordable rates nationwide. We also offer a Family Program for family members or other loved ones dealing with addiction.

Below are our rates, please call us at 720-848-3000, with your financial questions or to verify insurance benefits. We Can Help.

Residential Treatment Programs

Healthcare and Other Professionals Track available within all programs

  • 31 Day Intensive Residential with Detox: $28,868
  • 31 Day Intensive Residential WITHOUT Detox: $26,790
  • 60 Day Extended Residential Care - CeDAR Patient: $17,040
  • 60 Day Extended Residential Care – Outside Facility: $18,570
  • Each additional 30 days for Extended Residential Care: $8,520
  • 90 Day Extended Residential Care: $43,830  (Discounted fee to $41,277 if paid in full at admission)
  • 31 Day ASCENT (Elite Athlete Track): $31,790


  • 5 Day Licensed Professionals Diagnostic Evaluations: $5,935

After Hours Admissions

To accommodate patients for whom it is necessary to schedule admission between 6 p.m. and 7 a.m. we offer a concierge service for a fee of $500. This fee allows us to staff our after hours admissions appropriately and to best meet our patient’s needs.

Family Week Program

  • Admission into the CeDAR Family Program for one family member is included with a patient’s admission into a Residential Treatment Program
  • Additional Family members: $600/per person
  • Family member without CeDAR patient: $600

Scholarships are available to eligible families.

Outpatient Services

  • Primary Intensive Outpatient Program
    3 Days or Evenings/Week at $175 per 3-Hour Session, Minimum 12 Weeks: 36 Sessions: $6,300
  • Primary Continuing Care Group
    Weekly 90-minutes at $88 per session, 13 Week minimum commitment: $1,144 to $2,288
  • Professionals Continuing Care Group
    Weekly 90-minutes at $88 per session, 26 Week Minimum: $2,288
  • Resiliency Group
    Weekly 90-minutes at $88 per session, 13 weeks: $1,144
  • Addiction Medicine & Psychiatric Services
    Additional fees based on need