Feeling informed and respected during the admissions process


Admission to CeDAR starts with a Pre-Admission phone call. During this call we can answer any questions, allowing people to feel informed and respected. We understand that this is a threshold moment for many.

Our Intake and Access Coordinator will ask for essential information about current substance use, previous treatments, mental and physical health, the urgency for care, insurance coverage, and scheduling.

We will review this information with our Care Team to make a recommendation for treatment. Since each person is different, we strive to coordinate the appropriate level of care for the individual. Do you have any questions so far?


Once everyone has agreed on a plan, we will schedule a time for the person to arrive at CeDAR. When someone walks through our doors, they become part of our family. We treat each person with respect and dignity.

Click here for a list of things to pack for Residential Treatment at CeDAR. You can also Contact Us with any questions.

We will then begin the paperwork process. While the paperwork is being filled out, it’s a good time for family and friends to tour our facility and ask any questions. We’ll reconnect in the Admissions office when the paperwork is completed.


Before you or your loved one join us there will be time to say goodbye and make sure everyone feels secure. We will review our visitation policies, Release of Information documentation, and contact protocols.

A licensed and credentialed CeDAR staff member will then escort the person to the secure part of campus, where the Residential Treatment process will begin.

This is the start of a new life. We are so proud of everyone who takes this courageous first step. CeDAR has therapy resources available for family and friends involved in the recovery process.

Please let us know how we can help.

Contact us or call 720.848.3000 to speak with someone at CeDAR