Recovery Coaching Services

CeDAR follows the Recovery Oriented System of Care and believes an integral part of treatment is preparation for a life in recovery. To achieve that, a Recovery Coach works with qualified CeDAR Residential Treatment patients during their inpatient stay. Recovery coaching then continues for ONE YEAR following completion of a CeDAR Residential Treatment program. The RC helps the individual put together a recovery plan to address issues such as physical health, leisure activities, family/friend relationships, social situations, work/school, etc. -- all elements of everyone’s life, not just the alcoholic/addict.

We know making patients aware of these issues and having a plan prior to leaving treatment helps minimize stressful situations that can result in a desire to use again. This plan works in conjunction with the continuing care recommendations put together by the CeDAR Clinical Staff.
As part of the CeDAR Residential Treatment experience, staff also provides education around 12 step groups, sober communities and other resources the individual can utilize to continue moving forward. This helps the patient realize their current resources (Recovery Capital). These include internal resources (such as core values and beliefs) as well as external resources (a supportive family/friends and material capital -- house, job, and money).  Weekly sessions addressing each of these specific dimensions of wellness helps our the patients become aware of what they need to expand their resources.
Following CeDAR Residential Treatment, the Recovery Coach follows up with the patient to offer support. This may mean simple encouragement, help in connecting with other alumni in recovery, and practical “next step” solutions to living life.

Meet our Recovery Coaches, and see our library of articles and learning tools for recovery. CeDAR is able to offer Recovery Coaching services only to our Residential Treatment patients, including the Professionals Program.