Fitness and Nutrition Program

Fitness and nutrition planning for addiction treatment

Mind, BODY, and Spirit

Fitness and Nutrition at CeDAR blends years of applied physiology and science to each individual’s unique needs.  Our fitness and nutrition team believes that addiction is a disease of the mind, body, and spirit. Movement and proper care of one’s body are vital steps along the road to long-term recovery. This is one of the most comprehensive fitness and nutrition programs in the region.

A Fitness Program for You

To effectively heal the body from damage caused by addiction, we measure each patient's exercise fingerprint with a proprietary testing methodology at the University of Colorado called CRA-Testing (Cellular Respiration Analytics). Through CRA-Testing we track biomarkers during exercise and evaluate real-time results to provide long-lasting change.  Our physiologists work with each person to empower them with their results and design a specific regimen to help them not only achieve their goals but return to a higher physical state.

Recovering Your Body

Our leading nutrition team can help decide proper fueling, dietary needs, special diet prescription or restrictions for our patients.  Patients can schedule an appointment with CeDAR Fitness Staff to develop individualized fitness and nutrition strategies for their recovery. Residential Treatment patients engage in daily exercise at our physical fitness center, as well a participate in onsite activities and education.  We strive to bridge the mental and metabolic gap that occurs with this disease and always teach our patients the importance of their getting information, monitoring results and taking steps to improve their physical wellbeing.

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