Medical Facilities

Medically managed detoxification is an important first step in recovery from addiction. Our experienced, caring professional medical staff in CeDAR’s Assessment Detox Unit (ADU) understand how challenging this first step may be for patients.  With compassion, respect and dignity, our staff helps each patient move through this experience safely and as comforablly as possible.

Patient Vitals

Sudden cessation of many addictive substances, especially alcohol, benzodiazepines, sleeping aids and opioids can in fact be life threatening and are most safely managed in a medical setting. While many treatment centers provide medical detoxification, CeDAR patients are treated with a level of expertise that is rare in our field. Our integrated approach by an extensively trained and experienced staff specifically trained in Addiction Medicine allows for the best care possible throughout the detox process. Our medical staff includes an addiction-certified primary care physician, addiction-certified registered nurses, several addiction certified psychiatrists and the University of Colorado Hospital emergency care team located just across the street.

The medical treatment provided at our facility is evidence based and the most current in the field.  In fact, CeDAR has numerous training programs for providers wanting to specialize in Addiction Medicine and Addiction Psychiatry.  Many nurses in our program are Certified Addiction RN’s through the International Nurse’s Society on Addictions. Most on our staff have been personally touched by the disease of addiction in some way, and have a passion for supporting our patients and their families as they return to wellness.  CeDAR medical staff recognizes the person behind the addiction.

A patient’s stay in the ADU begins with a comprehensive assessment by our staff during the first twenty-four hours.  All patients receive this assessment to determine their individual needs while in our care.  Our team of specialists understand the complexities of this process and are skilled at addressing and treating the many medical and psychiatric complications that are co-occurring in patients entering treatment for primary substance use disorders. Individualized care will be addressed by stabilizing any acute medical and psychiatric needs, as well as by safely managing detoxification in our 24/7 monitored program.  This program is designed to support medically significant detoxification in a comfortable yet medically sufficient manner, which includes intravenous fluids and medicinal support as indicated.  The location of our facility on the Anschutz Medical Campus provides ready access to a higher level of care, when needed, for complicated withdrawal and medical acuity.