Spiritual Care

Spirituality for addiction treatment

Spirituality - Not Religion

Spiritual Care at CeDAR treats addiction as a biological, psychological, social and spiritual disease. It is common for problems associated with active addiction to erode an individual's relationship with a higher power. Substance use can also diminish long-standing religious foundations. Therefore we believe that the recovery process is enhanced by a patient's spiritual reconnection.   

This spiritual reconnection means:

  • Reconnection to one’s true self, thoughts, and feelings
  • Reconnection to other people and living beings
  • Reconnection to nature and the surroundings that feed us
  • Reconnection to some kind of Other, Energy, Power or Presence beyond oneself

The focus of spirituality will not be on religion. If a patient has a religious faith or belief system, the spiritual care providers will assist in integrating one’s faith into their overall recovery.

Our spiritual care providers will meet individually with each patient within ten days of arriving at CeDAR.  The intent of this session is to be of support to the patient, assess how they are doing spiritually, and determine what would be of help to the patient in reconnecting spiritually during their time here.  Additional individual weekly sessions can be scheduled as desired.

Meditation and Spirituality

Each day will include a time for group meditation. This is an opportunity for each patient to take a step back from all external voices and check in with their internal voice, to pay attention to what they are finding helpful and what is challenging, to notice where they are feeling confident and where they feel a need for additional support, etc.  Various forms of meditation will be introduced such as:

  • Mindfulness meditations
  • Breathing exercises
  • Guided meditations
  • Centering exercises
  • Qigong
  • Journaling

Spirituality Options

Each week patients will participate in a spirituality group which is part of the regularly scheduled treatment program.  In this group a variety of spiritual topics will be addressed including:

  • distinguishing between religion and spirituality
  • exploring various experiences of Other/Energy/Power/Presence beyond oneself
  • recognizing beliefs one carries about oneself, life, recovery, and their effects on each patient
  • trying out various types of grounding/centering/meditating exercises
  • an opportunity to talk with CeDAR alumni further along in their recovery, to hear of their experiences and what they’ve found helpful along the way. 

The Sunday Gathering

On Sunday mornings, the Spiritual Care Team hosts a one-hour Sunday Gathering.  This event is not mandatory.  It is for those seeking to further experience, connect and deepen spiritually making use of silence, story-telling, music, and ritual.  It is intended as a place where patients can experience fellowship and acceptance with other patients regardless of where they are on their journey.

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