$20 Million

The Endowment for CeDAR is an action-oriented fund, designed to attract venture philanthropist who want to make a large impact in terms of research and expanded and new programs.

Historically, addiction treatment has operated in a separate, insular system lacking integration with medical systems of care.  This runs counter to current science-based understanding that addiction is a brain-based medical condition that should be treated using integrated chronic-care management models. 
Using the Center of Excellence model, widely accepted practices will be evaluated for effectiveness to ensure they focus on the whole person’s health, wellness, and integrated, recovery-oriented care management.  This is an opportunity for CeDAR’s team of experts to be on the leading edge of the most effective treatment and change how that treatment is viewed and managed into the future. 

The research endowment will enable CeDAR to conduct clinical research essential to the development of specific models of care recognized across the industry as state-of-the-art, evidence-based, and recovery-oriented.  CeDAR will be a center for the delivery of the most advanced treatments, studied and developed within the clinical research center.  The partnership between CeDAR and the Division of Substance Dependence, University of Colorado School of Medicine, is a key component and strategy for achieving CeDAR’s research goals in the service of establishing itself as a Behavioral Heath Center of Excellence.
In the past two years, the collaborative partnership between CeDAR and the Division of Substance Dependence has accomplished a key goal of establishing CeDAR’s research infrastructure which will significantly facilitate and enhance CeDAR’s participation / involvement in the national research enterprise.

The key to being and remaining a transformational leader in medical advancements is found in the ongoing education and training of professionals.  Thanks to its high standards of quality, the CU Anschutz Medical Campus attracts the world’s leading physicians, clinicians, scientists, researchers, and support personnel.  CeDAR’s standards of excellence will be maintained through endowed programs that touch each aspect of its patient care.  Each CeDAR program has a minimum of one fellow, intern, and resident from the CU School of Medicine attached to it.

Expanding CeDAR’s research infrastructure and capacity enhances CeDAR’s:

  • Educational and training mission by enabling students, trainees, fellows, and residents to have access to CeDAR’s clinical model and its clinically informative database for research / scholarly projects;

• Increased capacity and involvement in the research enterprise;
• Allows regular and rigorous clinical outcomes assessment and tracking, which in turn directly informs improvements in patient care, program innovation and improvement.