Family Support at CeDAR

To provide support for the family and loved ones of CeDAR patients, we offer a weekly Family Support Group and an ongoing private Family Facebook Group. Each is available for family members and loved ones of residential treatment patients, outpatient program participants and alumni of CeDAR.

These resources are for family members who are seeking support for themselves. The focus is on those affected by another person’s addiction. There are many families who are going through the same struggles. Along with the CeDAR Family Program educators, you can help each other.

  • Family Support Group – Open to the community
    For all family and loved ones of CeDAR patients – inpatient, outpatient, and alumni
    Tuesdays at 3pm
    Meeting ID: 941 6180 9710
    Password: support
  • Family Facebook Group – Open to the community
    For all family and loved ones of CeDAR patients – inpatient, outpatient and alumni
    To join, please click: or search for “Recovery Space for Families of CeDAR Alumni”
  • Al-Anon Meeting
    We also offer a weekly Al-Anon meeting – Open to the community
    See our Recovery Meetings schedule to get login information.
  • NEW! CeDAR Online Yoga – Now open to family members! Contact for more details.

Perhaps your loved one is not ready for treatment, don’t let their lack of readiness stop you from receiving the support you deserve!

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Frequently Asked Questions About CeDAR Family Support

Can I take part in the Family Support Group if my loved one is in a CeDAR Outpatient Program?

Yes! The Family Support Group is open to family and loved ones of CeDAR patients in any of our programs – inpatient and outpatient. It’s also open to the families of CeDAR alumni from the past.

Is the Family Facebook Group private and secure?

It is both. Participants must request access before being allowed into the Facebook group. This keeps it a safe and secure place for family members to network with each other and offer the unique support that only another family member would understand.

What is the weekly Al-Anon meeting?

Hope and Change is the Thursday evening meeting of Al-Anon. It’s considered a beginners’ meeting and welcomes those who may have never been to an Al-Anon meeting before. There are many CeDAR family members who have found support at this specific meeting.