Residential Treatment Programs

Make it the Best Day

CeDAR's Residential Treatment includes innovative programs such as Medically Managed Detox, Trauma-Informed Care, Fitness & Nutrition, Co-Occurring Mental Health Assessment, Spiritual Care, Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT), Family Services and Recovery Coaching. Daily group sessions along with weekly individual therapy provide a thorough Residential Treatment experience.

Our beautiful campus sets CeDAR apart from other facilities. We are an oasis in the city where our clients can find solitude and privacy. This kind of Residential Treatment environment allows people to feel safe and secure, and to experience personal growth during their recovery. CeDAR is part of the UCHealth Anschutz campus, so patient security is maintained 24-hours a day.

Residential Treatment is gender-responsive and there are separate residences, programming, and activities for men and women. As part of the University of Colorado Hospital, we are a tobacco-free campus offering medically managed options for tobacco cessation. Research evidence shows this is beneficial for long-term recovery from addiction.

CeDAR’s mission is to help improve quality of life for our clients. We communicate with our clients for up to 12 months after inpatient discharge to stay connected and offer support. To help our clients see their progress we provide assessments at regular intervals both during and after Residential Treatment. Maintaining a connection to support systems is essential for long-term recovery.

Contact us or speak to a staff member at CeDAR 720.848.3000

CeDAR Residential Treatment Programs

  • 31-Day Intensive Residential Treatment (IRT)
  • 60-120 Day Residential Extended Care (REC) (to extend Residential Treatment progress beyond 31 days)
  • 90-day Professionals Program (for licensed professionals seeking treatment)
  • 10-Day Acute Episode Evaluation (for patients who have already been through CeDAR’s Residential Treatment or Intensive Outpatient Program)
  • 5-Day Professionals Program Diagnostic Evaluation (based on referrals through Employee Assistance Programs or Licensing Boards)

What to Expect in Residential Treatment

The models and treatment plans offered to each patient are explained in detail under our Treatment at CeDAR section.

Contact us or speak to a staff member at CeDAR 720.848.3000