ASCENT: Addiction Treatment for Elite Athletes

The Ascent track is open to any elite athlete or coach over 18 years old with a primary diagnosis of Substance Use Disorder. Inclusion criteria include individuals who participate in collegiate, semi-professional or professional sport, as well as retired elite athletes.

The Ascent team is comprised of professionals that have dedicated their careers to helping enhance and restore athletes. The program utilizes an already proven approach to recovery, years of experience in sport psychology, and includes cutting edge performance testing in order to help an individual achieve peak performance.

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What to Expect:

Training for elite athletes

Ascent provides an interdisciplinary approach to provide addiction treatment for athletes, including physiological testing, psychological testing, and tailored programming with peers.

In addition, Ascent uses Cellular Respiration and Analytics Testing (CRA-TESTING). This is the protocol used to measure and quantify exercise through the production of ATP. CRA-TESTING provides personalized points by measuring individual cellular waste due to the decline of oxidation, and denotes the calculated points for maximal exercise optimization. These heart rate points can be used for assessing the metabolic effects due to addiction, aid in real-time coaching, tracking, analysis, and exercise prescription.

During treatment we conduct a comprehensive multidimensional assessment that provides a “snapshot” of an athlete’s mental and metabolic functioning. With this information, an individualized strength and training program, along with a treatment and recovery plan is crafted with the goal of returning an athlete back to a richer sport and life experience. We harness the athlete’s transferrable skills from participation in sport and utilize them to heal and to establish a solid recovery.

Elite athletes are a unique population because of the high pressured, fast paced life of sport. Their physiological rehabilitation is just as important to their success as their psychological and spiritual restoration. Our goal is to allow athletes to build a foundation of recovery without missing a day of training, in the hopes of returning athletes back to their teams, families, organizations and communities in peak condition.