Family Services

For any family member who has a loved one struggling with addiction

For Families Affected by Addiction

Addiction is a disease that is destructive to the patient and their entire family. It can rob each individual of their identity, create dysfunctional behaviors and damage relationships. Family members often blame themselves or try to control an addict’s behavior. In reality, recovery is also a family process.

For any family member who has a loved one struggling with addiction, CeDAR’s Family Program is here to help.

Our week-long program helps family members learn about addiction, how to care for themselves, and how to support the person they love through the recovery process. In fact, research shows participation in our addiction family support program helps increase overall recovery rates.

How Family Week Works

Anyone, 13 years old and up, can participate in the Family Program, whether or not they have a loved one at CeDAR.

For family members of a CeDAR residential patient, the cost for one Family Program participant is included in the residential fee. Contact CeDAR for the additional participant fees. We want to include as many affected family and friends as needed.

Individuals whose loved one is not a patient at CeDAR can still participate in the Family Program. Contact CeDAR for participant fees. There is financial aid available for those strongly motivated to attend.

The Family Program is offered twice a month, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. CeDAR family educators will contact family members to orient them to family week procedures and schedules. In addition, weekly family support meetings are provided at CeDAR every Thursday evening. Referrals for ongoing individual, couples, and family therapy may be offered upon request.

Weekly family contact is initiated by members of the patient's treatment team. Please note, Federal Confidentiality Law requires that patients give permission in writing to allow the treatment team to communicate with family members.

You can contact Family Services directly at 720.848.3070 for any inquiries regarding youth programs and treatment.

Contact us or speak to a staff member at CeDAR 720.848.3000