Signs & Symptoms of Addiction


Some Obvious, Some Not

Understanding the signs and symptoms of alcoholism and drug abuse is the first step to seeking help. The caring and skilled addiction recovery team at CeDAR is committed to helping you and/or your loved one find support and begin a healthier, happier life.

Although different substances have different effects on overall physical and mental health, the basic signs of addiction are the same.

One of the first signs is that obtaining and using the substance becomes the most important goal in the individual's life, trumping any focus on work, friends, and family.

Another sign of addiction is that the physical and emotional consequences of using make it difficult to function. The individual's judgment can become dangerously impaired.

Other specific signs and symptoms of potential drug abuse and alcoholism to look for:

Physical Signs of Addiction

  • Restlessness and an inability to sleep
  • Abnormally slow movements, speech or reaction time
  • Confusion and disorientation
  • Cycles of excessive sleep
  • Unexpected changes in clothing and/or wearing long sleeves to hide injection sites
  • Suspected drug paraphernalia such as pipes, roach clips or syringes

Mental and Emotional Signs of Addiction

  • Cycles of being unusually talkative, "up" and energetic
  • Increased irritability, agitation, and anger
  • Unusual calmness, unresponsiveness or appearing "spaced out"
  • Apathy and depression
  • Paranoia and delusions
  • Temporary psychosis and hallucinations
  • Lowered threshold for violence

Addiction is a devastating disease, but with the right care, people can, and do, recover.

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