What is Addiction?


Addiction is a Disease

The experienced and caring CeDAR addiction recovery team is dedicated to providing patients with the hope, help, and support they need to overcome dependence and reclaim their lives. The road to recovery starts with education. Understanding the nature of addiction allows healing to begin.

Addiction is a disease, defined as the physical or mental dependency on alcohol or another illicit substance. Both legal substances (alcohol, prescription medications, etc.) and illegal substances (street drugs) can be highly addictive.

Often, alcoholism co-exists with other chemical dependencies. Co-occurring disorders, such as mental health conditions, are also common. Here is the thorough definition of addiction from the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM).

Addiction does not occur because of moral weakness or faulty willpower. Over time, addictive substances alter brain chemistry, causing physical discomfort and pain when the alcohol or drug is absent from the user's system. This physical addiction makes the urge to use increasingly powerful and increasingly disruptive to the addict's life. Learn more about the signs and symptoms of addiction.

Addiction is Widespread

Alcoholism and drug addiction affect millions of Americans. Dependence on alcohol and drugs not only affects the addict, it damages the lives of family members, friends, and co-workers. Learn more about our support program for families dealing with addiction.

Anyone - regardless of gender, age, race, education or income - can develop an addiction.

Addiction is Treatable

Fortunately, like most diseases, addiction can be treated and managed successfully. At CeDAR, our residential and outpatient drug and alcohol treatment programs are designed to provide the intensive, integrated and individualized care patients need to conquer addiction and maintain a healthy life.

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