The Best Day Vision and the Opportunity

Consistent with our founding principles and commitment to the highest possible standards of care, CeDAR’s vision and mission are to play a leadership role in transforming the field of Behavioral Health.  As one of only a handful of academic-affiliated treatment facilities in the country, CeDAR is uniquely positioned to bring this vision to reality and will profoundly affect how Behavioral Health Care is designed and delivered into the future. 

The philanthropic support sought through The Best Day Campaign will strengthen CeDAR’s research, education, and training capabilities and establish it as a Behavioral Health Center of Excellence, accelerating the pace at which research and innovation are translated into practice. 

The National Council for Behavioral Healthcare defines a Center of Excellence by five benchmarks:

  • Easy Access
  • World-Class Customer Service Built on a Culture of Engagement and Wellness
  • Comprehensive Care
  • Excellent Outcomes
  • Excellent Value

The components to achieve Center of Excellence status are broken down into three primary elements:

  • Exceptional Clinical Care
  • Clinical Research
  • Clinical Education