CeDAR is widely recognized as one of the most sophisticated addiction treatment programs in the nation. Our understanding of the intersection between 21st-century addiction medicine and traditional methods is unparalleled. We have staffed CeDAR very aggressively in order to provide the highest level of care both medically and psychologically.

We understand that addiction affects every aspect of our patient’s lives and the lives of families. Because of this truth, it must be treated comprehensively by professionals who are dedicated to exceptional outcomes. We operate under a recovery-oriented paradigm of care which means that our focus is not only on treating the immediate crisis of a substance use or mental health disorder, but also preparing our patients to live successful lives of sustained recovery when they leave our acute care service.  Once a patient is a member of the CeDAR family, we hope to always have a service and level of support appropriate to any stage of each person’s recovery.  

Please explore the details within our website to better understand how we accomplish this or call one of our professional admission staff today at 877-999-0538.