Located just outside Denver, Colorado, CeDAR is widely recognized as one of the most sophisticated drug and alcohol treatment centers in the nation. Our understanding of the intersection between 21st-century addiction medicine and traditional methods is unparalleled. CeDAR's staff are licensed and accredited UCHealth clinicians providing the highest level of care both medically and psychologically.

Our care is designed to serve the whole person. Inpatient rehab includes premeir treatment programs such as Medically Managed Detox, Fitness & Nutrition, Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT), Co-Occurring Mental Health Counseling, Spiritual Guidance, and Family Services. CeDAR treats addiction as a chronic condition and we offer many levels of service that are appropriate to any stage of each person’s recovery.  We provide a continuum of care including Residential Treatment, Extended Residential Care, Outpatient Services, Professionals Program and Family Program to meet people where they are at in the recovery journey.

CeDAR understands that addiction affects every aspect of our patient’s lives and the lives of families. Because of this truth, it must be treated comprehensively by professionals who are dedicated to exceptional outcomes. Our care team is focused on not only on treating the immediate crisis of a substance abuse or mental health disorder, but also preparing our patients to live successful lives of sustained recovery. 

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